Timeline – Barn Lane Site

Timeline of events so far (with links to relevant documents)

2013-14 Planning Application

  • Strategic Housing Land availability map for Four Marks and Medstead  – prepared in 2013 for the EHDC Joint Core Strategy for planning. This is land offered up by landowners and developers – in this case David Wilson Homes and Winchester College school. The land adjacent to Barns Lane is FM014.
  • Full planning application submitted by David Wilson Homes to EHDC on  6th March 2014.
  • Four Marks Parish Council discussed the planning application on the 2nd April 2014 and unanimously voted against the application.
  • Public consultation period ended on the 22nd April 2014. Over 250 objections were submitted showing the strength of opposition to this development.
  • Planning Committee refused the full planning application on the 9th October 2014 (Minutes 09-10-2014 Planning Committee).
  • Decision Notice published 6th November 2014 starting six month appeal window which closed without an appeal being made .

2019 Local Plan (2017 – 2036) development

In the first quarter of 2019 EHDC ran a consultation as a part of the process for developing a new Local Plan to allocate land for development between 2017 and 2036. Included was a recommendation that the Barn Lane site (LAA/FM013 in the consultation document) should be developed at some point after 2033.

The Barn Lane Action Group submitted comments in response to the consultation arguing that there were factual errors in the analysis by EHDC that led them to this conclusion. The BLAG submission is here:

After this consultation closed, EHDC then opened another consultation specifically on large development sites, the Local Plan Large Development Sites Consultation , running from 3 September to 15 October 2019. This consultation is intended to help EHDC decide the right location for future development of large development sites and which to include in the Local Plan.

This consultation includes the proposal to develop a vast area of land, all owned by Winchester College, between Brislands Lane and the A31 and up to the Watercress Line. This area includes the Barn Lane site.

The proposed development is for 600+ houses, a gypsy and traveller site, a light industry / commercial area and a second school and shops.

We will keep on fighting ………..