STOP Gladman Development’s application! Act by Friday 7th December

Gladman Developments, who put in a planning application to build up to 65 houses behind 46 Lymington Bottom  in 2017 have applied again. Their first application was refused by East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) in January 2018 .

The reasons for EHDC’s refusal of this speculative application have not changed. But WE NEED EVERYONE TO OBJECT AGAIN to ensure that EHDC understand the strength of feeling against further development. This proposed development is outside of the settlement boundary. We should aim to get well over 500 objections.

To object either write to EHDC quoting the application number 56082/003 (at  Planning Services, EHDC, Penns Place, Petersfield, GU31 4EX) or go to their website at , search for 56082/003 then click “Make a comment” button.

Everyone over 18 years in each household can object. Make sure you click the OBJECT button and then enter your comment.

See how to object for general guidance on writing objections.

Specific issues with this application are:

  • EHDC has an adopted Local Plan with allocated sites. This site is not allocated and is outside the Settlement Boundary.
  • The Local Plan is based upon an adopted local Neighbourhood Plan approved after a conclusive 91% referendum vote.
  • EHDC has a proven and robust 5 year land supply.
  • EHDC has a proven house delivery with positive trajectory. Four Marks and Medstead has delivered 316 dwellings in the first 5 years of the Local plan against a minimum target of 175 (80% over-delivery).
  • Local services and infrastructure are acknowledged as unsustainable by EHDC and Planning Inspectors because of roads (school traffic, A31 junction congestion) and remoteness from village centre.

Please object now and leave EHDC and Gladman Developments in no doubt as to our commitment to fighting this application.

Thank You!

Lymington Bottom application refused

Good news – the application by Gladman Developments Ltd to build up to 65 dwellings at Mount Royal, 46 Lymington Bottom, Four Marks, Alton, GU34 5AH has been refused.

Reasons for refusal were:

  1. The site is located on a greenfield site outside the Settlement Policy Boundary for Four Marks as identified in the Medstead and Four Marks Neighbourhood Plan and falls within an area where the countryside policies of the plan apply.
    The proposal is therefore contrary to policies CP1, CP2, CP10 and CP19 of the East Hampshire District Local Plan: Joint Core Strategy (June 2014) and Policy 1 of the Medstead and Four Marks Neighbourhood Plan (May 2016). The proposal is also contrary to the provisions of the NPPF.
  2. The proposal would introduce a significant high density development to the rear of existing properties along Brisland Lane and Lymington Bottom which would harm the established character and landscape of the area and is contrary to policies CP20 and CP29 of East Hampshire District Local Plan: Joint Core
    Strategy (June 2014) and the provisions of the NPPF.
  3. The proposal fails to make adequate provision for affordable housing and is contrary to policy CP14 of the East Hampshire District Local Plan: Joint Core Strategy (June 2014). Reference No: 56082/001
  4. The level of development proposed would not be consistent with maintaining and enhancing the character of the settlement but instead would place undue pressure on the limited range of local services in this small local service centre. This would be at odds with the spatial strategy for the District which seeks to reinforce a settlement’s role and function. The proposal is therefore contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework, policy CP1, CP2 and CP10 of the East Hampshire District Local Plan: Joint Core Strategy (June 2014).
  5. The proposal is located remotely from local facilities and services and will result in an increase in the use of the private motor vehicle. It is therefore considered that the proposal is contrary to the NPPF and policy CP31 of the East Hampshire District Local Plan: Joint Core Strategy (June 2014).

Gladman Developments Ltd have 6 months in which to submit an appeal against this decision (i.e. to the end of July).

We will provide an update if an appeal is made.


URGENT – Objections needed to Lymington Bottom planning application

Watch out – the bulldozers are coming again! An outfit called Gladman Developments have put in an outline planning application for up to  65 houses on the site of Mount Royal, 46 Lymington Bottom, Four Marks, Alton, GU34 5AH and the adjacent field.

The site location is shown on the map here.

Formal consultation ends on the 30th November.  

There are many reasons why we should object to this planning application and that it should be refused. Read the documents and some of the objections already made to understand why. The major one is that it is outside of the settlement boundary and is not a part of the housing allocation plan – to allow it would make a mockery of the Council and Neighbourhood plans.

If this application is approved it will be a green light for other developers to make similar applications and we’ll have another large expansion of the village – which the infrastructure just can’t manage. It will also irreversibly turn Four Marks and Medstead into a dormer town outside Alton.

Please make your objection to this application, EHDC case no.  56082/001, before 30th November.

You can make your objection by commenting on the EHDC website at planning application or see how to object.  Stop developers using their money to override the democratic wishes of the villagers as agreed in the neighbourhood plan.

Thank You