Key Facts – Winchester Road SINC Site

SINC siteFour Marks and Medstead villages seem to have become a target for developers in the last 5 years. This EHDC map shows the land (FM011) next to the Winchester Road SINC and its relationship to where building is happening now (Medstead Farm on the land north of Brislands Lane).

FM011 is the subject of a recent planning application by Hurlock Investments Ltd. The land is an open field next to a Site of Importance to Nature Conservation which is home to Badgers and dormice amongst other species.

The planning application is for 24 houses ranging from 2 – 2 1/2 storeys (i.e. 3!) with road access through the Meadowbrook estate.

There are many reasons why this development shouldn’t happen, including:

  •  High density, multi-storey housing estate out of keeping with adjacent settlement.
  • Isolate wildlife in the SINC cutting off final open access to countryside via recreation ground. There is also a public open space as well as houses next to the SINC which will disturb the badgers.
  • Meadowbrook estate access roads will carry all traffic from Medstead Farm estate, once construction is completed, and now potentially the additional traffic from another 24 houses.