How to object

The EHDC case officer will accept objections right up to the end of the consultation period on the planning application.

It is easy to record your objection as a comment on the EHDC website via the link provided. But you can also write a letter or email.

Write a letter or email

Address the email ( or letter to the case officer at EHDC Planning Department, Penns Place, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 4EX.


Planning officers report to the councillors the number of comments / objections.

So one email/letter signed by 500 people counts as one objection. Four emails/letters from four individuals counts as four objections. Anybody can send an objection so all the adults in your household can object individually and are counted as separate objections.

People not living in the parish can object so your relatives can all write in to object. So get everyone in your house, and the people you know, to write an email or letter.

EHDC planning officers will only consider issues relating to planning law (and not other valid reasons for objection such as disturbance from construction, loss of your property value, loss of view).

Valid issues for an objection are:

  • Local and Government planning policies
  • The sustainability of the development
  • The effect on the road or area
  • Design appearance and materials of the development
  • Traffic generation and safety
  • Noise and disturbance
  • Size, layout and density of buildings
  • Adequacy of parking
  • Overlooking and loss of privacy
  • Ground contamination
  • Drainage and flood risk

You must include your name and address (address is removed before comments are made public). Comments and letters that are personalised are supposed to count for more than template letters so please write a letter that represents your views.

Further guidance on how to object to a planning application is available on the EHDC web site.