The Barn Lane Action Group (incorporating local Sites of Importance to Nature Conservation) has been set up to protect the countryside to the west of Four Marks village centre.  In the last five years there have been a number of large new developments passed and proposed which threaten to turn the west of the village and the countryside towards Ropley  into a high density housing estate.

This part of the village has been characterised by low density housing, typically single storey  or low two storey, on large plots around open fields and ancient hedgerows.  There are two Sites of Importance to Nature Conservation (SINCs) and a network of hedgerows which support wildlife, including European protected species.

This “new town” is a long way from the centre of the village, shops, schools and other amenities. It satisfies the greed of developers and landowners and will tick a box in terms of the number of new houses in East Hampshire but will be a disaster for the village and the new residents.

Please join us to stop these badly designed and inappropriate development proposals.