Only 4 days left to OBJECT to sites in Four marks

If you haven’t yet sent in an objection to the Large Sites proposed for Four Marks – you have until midnight on 15th October.

Please OBJECT to all the sites:

  • Chawton Park
  • Four Marks South
  • Land South of Winchester Road, Four Marks
  • South Medstead
  • Land West of Lymington Bottom Road, South Medstead

and please SUPPORT

  • Northbrook Park
  • Whitehill and Bordon


One thought on “Only 4 days left to OBJECT to sites in Four marks”

  1. Our family home is in Beech and we support neighbours and local residents who are thoroughly against the projects proposed for Four Marks, Chawton Park, South Medstead and environs. Wrong development is worse than no development at all. In our book, the only acceptable plans are for Northbrook Park
    Whitehill and Bordon.

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