Hurlock Investments Ltd appeal dismissed

Great news – on the 27th June 2017 the Planning Inspectorate dismissed the appeal by Hurlock Investments Ltd against the decision of East Hampshire District Council not to grant planning decision for the land adjacent to the Winchester Road SINC.

The main issue was whether the  site is a suitable location for housing.

The Inspector concluded that the modest benefits of the scheme would not outweigh the harm of the proposal’s conflict with the development plan. The Inspector highlighted that:

  1. The Council has a plan led approach including a recently made neighbourhood plan and adopted Housing and Employment Allocations.
  2. The appeal site is located outside of the settlement policy boundary of Four Marks and is not an allocated site for housing which clearly conflicts with the above policies.

Because the “lottery win” to land owners and developers of getting planning approval is so great, I doubt that this is the last  time there will be a planning application submitted for this land.

For the moment the protected animals that make the SINC their home have been given an extension and this is cause to celebrate – but not to be complacent.