Hurlock Investments are back – planning appeal for Winchester Road SINC

It is unfortunate that, if you are a developer, our planning system  rewards  a small bet  with a massive jackpot  if you are granted planning permission.  So the incentive is strong to keep  betting  in the hope that  you might win even if you’ve been turned down many times in the past.

So having failed to gain planning permission in 2014 and failed on appeal in 2015; applied again in 2016 and refused again – they have lodged an appeal.

At the last appeal the planning inspector concluded “that the proposed development would cause harm to the SINC and would fail to protect the hazel dormice. It would be in conflict with Policy CP21 which amongst other things seeks to maintain, enhance and protect district wide biodiversity and to protect and, where appropriate, strengthen populations of protected species. “

Nothing has changed since – except perhaps for the political climate.   So please  write  once more to  the planning inspectorate, either online at, or by post to   Jagoda Bartkowiak,The  Planning Inspectorate, Room 3P Kite Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square,  Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN.

All representations must be received by 25 April 2017. All representations must quote the appeal reference  APP/M1710/W/17/3168191

Thank You