2016 – 2017 update / watchful waiting

Barn Lane Action Group (BLAG) thank you all for your magnificent efforts in 2014. You firmly established with EHDC the strength of local concern about building on Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) and outside the settlement boundary of the village. As a campaign group we remain fully committed to protect the Barn Lane field and the two local SINCs into the future.

  • The field forms a beautiful rural edge to Four Marks village and, with the SINCs, safe havens for endangered wild life. Within the immediate area of the village, the field is one of the few remaining easily accessible ‘countryside’ vistas.
  • For the moment it appears that the threat from developers has reduced. EHDC seeem to have established a credible position on land supply which has enabled them to defeat developers’ appeals.
  • But while we hope for the best, the proposed changes to local administration within East Hampshire and the wider Solent area may prove to be a concern.
  • We also note the relentless rise in the UK population and the consequent demand for more houses. Supporters of the countryside and the rural way of life need to remain vigilant and supportive of further action.

Should any further attempt be made to develop Barn Lane (or other areas which would adversely impact the SINC sites at the western end of Four Marks), we will once again ask for the support of the local community to defeat the developers’ schemes.

Financial and time constraints both make it likely that any future BLAG campaign may well be digital rather than paper-based; we therefore ask supporters to contact us with their contact details or changes to these as they occur. Please continue to ask any friends and neighbours who are sympathetic to our campaign to let us have contact details.

Finally, please vote for the Neighbourhood Plan in the referendum coming up in May 2016. This is a very positive initiative to protect Four Marks from ill thought through development. It designates Barn Lane field as ‘countryside’ – an area outside the Settlement Policy Boundary where development will not normally be permitted……. and having voted we wish you all a fantastic year!