Window for Winchester Road planning appeal closes

David Wilson Homes (DWH) had a six months window from publication of the decision notice (6th November 2014) in which to appeal against the refusal of planning decision.

We believe that no appeal has been made which is good news for all local taxpayers, EHDC and even for DWH (as hopefully it would be refused) – but bad news for the lawyers and advisers who would have benefited enormously from the exercise!

Nothing stops DWH from putting in a new planning application in the near future apart apart from their fear of another refusal and that they would be wasting their money.

We are keeping fingers and toes crossed that the appeal by CALA Homes to allow  their application to build east of Lymington Bottom Road, Medstead is refused. The arguments at the appeal in late April turned in large part upon the technical issue of 5 year housing supply and we will have to wait to see whether EHDC has achieved its aim of having a valid supply and stopping these speculative planning applications in rural countryside. The result should be known by 3rd July.

We are also strongly supporting the development of the Neighbourhood Plan. Even at this stage of its development this carries some weight in planning decisions. Once approved it should provide a strong defence against construction outside the village Settlement Policy Boundary. The Barn Lane site is outside the Settlement Policy Boundary.

So time for a modest celebration and a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who wrote letters, sent emails, attended site visits etc.

Sadly the builders and the land owners don’t have our love of the local countryside but are strongly motivated by money. So we need to be vigilant and may need to join again in opposing future speculative applications. If we hear any news then we will be sure to let you know and we’d be grateful if you could send us an email with any  new information.