Good News – outline application refused!

The outline planning application to build on the land next to the Winchester Road SINC has been refused by the council planning department. The decision was taken through delegated powers and did not come to the Planning Committee.

The decision notice is here.

The reasons for refusal include:

  •  unjustified development outside the settlement boundary
  • adds to the “overperformance” (40% over minimum) in terms of new houses required by the Joint Core strategy
  • detrimental impact on protected species, specifically hazel dormice (inadequate mitigation measures), and loss of tree with TPO
  • “urban” housing density out of character with surroundings

It is excellent that the ecological issues have been included by EHDC in their reasons for refusal despite Natural England accepting the totally inadequate mitigation (which actually involved the destruction of hedgerow proposed as mitigation for the adjoining Charles Church development!).

Hopefully this means that the ecological impact of developments, particularly the preservation of protected species, will have a greater weight in future decisions.