stop press – sinc planning committee deferred to the new year

Dear Sir/Madam

Proposal: Outline application – Residential development of up to 24 dwellings, new vehicular and pedestrian access off Lapwing Way and new pedestrian/cycle path link to Winchester Road. Internal access roads and car parking including garages, public open space, drainage, landscaping and other associated works

Site: Land Rear of, 131 Winchester Road, Four Marks, Alton

Further to my letter dated 10 December 2014, this item has now been withdrawn from the Planning Committee meeting on the 18 December 2014, to reassess our analysis of the application in light of the implications arising from the recent appeal decision at Boyneswood Lane, Four Marks. You will be advised when this application is considered at a later date.

Yours faithfully

Chris Murray

Service Manager Planning Development