Planning Committee decide on SINC planning application on 18th December

If you were one of the many people who sent in an objection to the planning application for 24 houses on the land to the rear of 131 Winchester Road (i.e., the SINC site) then THANK YOU.

The planning application is being heard at the Planning Committee meeting at 6pm on 18th December at EHDC’s offices at Penns Place, Petersfield. Please come along to let the Committee know how you feel and support Maurice Shakespeare, as our local “objector” spokesperson, and our parish + district councilors in getting this application refused.

Maurice and his wife Jill have been working hard to document the impact that recent and planned development is having on wildlife in the village and in particular on the SINCs (Sites of Importance to Nature Conservation) containing badger sets and protected species such as the hazel dormouse. The following images they have supplied graphically show how development is being allowed to surround and suffocate this wildlife.

5a. Ref A to Annex A - Fig 2.email_Four Marks countryside c1995 with SINC (c2000) overlay_Countryside features The next image shows how the Meadowbrook Estate (A) and the Medstead Farm Estate (B) have cut the SINC and associated land (C) off from the open countryside. The new houses approved in Gloucester Close (D) and the 21 houses being applied for next to the SINC (C) will choke any remaining life in the SINC behind 131 Winchester Road.

6a. Ref A to Annex A - Fig 3.email_Four Marks countryside c1995 with SINC (c2000) overlay_Post Dev details

Future potential development next to Barns Lane (E) and west of the village (H)  will isolate the other SINC behind Bishops View / Kingswood Rise from open countryside endangering the significant colony of dormice living in the hazel coppice woodland.

We will return to the question as to why the organisations given responsibility for protecting wildlife by Government don’t seem to raise any objection (even provide encouragement?) to this urbanisation of the countryside.