URGENT – Action needed now – Development threatens local wildlife reserve

Are you aware of the revised planning Application to build 24 houses on the piece of land behind Winchester Road / Lapwing Way? 

  • This proposed development will disrupt and isolate from the surrounding countryside one of only two local Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation in Four Marks
  • Even more traffic, on top of the new Medstead Farm Estate, will exit onto the A31 through the Meadowbrook Estate. 

We would like to enlist everyone in your household to oppose this proposal.  The deadline for objections is 26th November.

To help us:
  1. Register your Name and email(s) with the Barn Lane Action Group: barnlaneactiongroup.org
  2. Use the template letter supplied (TEMPLATE_SINC Internal build Planning Application 30800_007) to write your own objection to planningdev@easthants.gov.uk FAO Mr Jon Holmes. 
  3. Or post a comment on the EHDC website ( link ) using the “make a public comment” button.

This will only take a few minutes and if submitted by email or on-line will cost nothing.

Every member of your household can submit an objection.  

To have maximum impact you should, if time permits, personalise your letter as much as possible.  This means adding your own thoughts under the main headings supplied, perhaps using your favourite typeface(!), and generally making the letter as individual as possible, whilst sticking to the planning points indicated.

If this application is approved, traffic from another 24 houses will exit onto Lapwing Way and will negotiate Lapwing / Goldcrest Way in order to reach the A31.  This traffic will be IN ADDITION to the traffic from Medstead Farm (110 properties) once completed.  
If both Medstead Farm and the SINC are completed then traffic on exiting onto the A31 from the Meadowbrook Estate will increase by nearly 80% over current levels. 
 A valuable local wildlife refuge will be seriously threatened; most of it will simply be concreted over.  Please help us to prevent yet more development and traffic on your doorstep
Please ACT NOW. Remember the deadline is 26th November 2014