Help stop Bargate Homes appeal for land north of Boyneswood Road(51 units)

Fight 4 Four Marks and the Neighbourhood Planning Group have alerted us to this Appeal by Bargate Homes against the refusal of planning permission for their development on the land north of Boyneswood Road (51 units). The documentation is here.

This appeal is the first (of many we suspect) against EHDC’s very sensible position that  the number of granted planning applications is already over the minimum (191  vs. 175) identified in the Joint Core Strategy for 2011-2028. If it fails it will discourage other developers from appealing or submitting applications we hope.

It is very important that the Inspector understands the depth of local feeling about the feeding frenzy of developers trying to build new houses in Four Marks and Medstead. This is best shown by turning up in force!!  If we can fill the hall at 10:00 am when the Hearing starts we will make  our point to the Inspector. Although the hearing is likely to last all day we understand people may have to leave after half an hour / hour as they cannot stay due to other commitments.

The Public Hearing starts at 10:00 am next Tuesday 11th November at Alton Community Centre (by the car park next to the library) – and people are asked to get there by 09:45 latest.

We will be there and we hope to see you there as well.

Many thanks

Barn Lane Action Group