Thank you for your support at the site visit

EHDC officers made a presentation to members of the Planning Committee on the David Wilson Homes full planning application at the site visit last Friday, 1st August.

Thank you very much to all who came to express your opposition to this proposed development. We would particularly like to thank the members of Four Marks and Medstead parish councils, and also District Councillor Ingrid Thomas, for coming along and joining us in our fight against this unsustainable and opportunistic planning application for 136 new houses.

This is the largest Four Marks/Medstead application by far to be submitted this year and one which would have the greatest negative impact on our already creaking infrastructure, open countryside, wildlife and village community.


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Opponents of the development waiting for EHDC next to the proposed entrance. EHDC officers had to move the presentation to the quiet of Barn Lane because the volume and noise of the traffic at 11am made it impossible to hear what was said (Hampshire County Council Highways please note as you do not appear to believe that there is a significant level of traffic on the A31).



Following the presentation the councillors and members of the public raised many issues with the application and the cumulative impact of this and nearby developments, including:

  • the large volumes of additional traffic and its impact in the village
  • the safety of the proposed junction onto the A31
  • distance from local amenities – meaning excessive car usage and traffic through the village
  • non-adoption of the roads in Meadowbrook leading to ever increasing costs for its residents
  • cumulative impact of nearby developments on infrastructure – local residents complain of frequent power cuts,  poor water pressure, no mains sewage
  • cumulative development is destroying the habitat of the hazel dormouse, our local “nationally protected” species