IMPORTANT: Dates announced for site visit and Planning Committee meeting

At this stage we would like to say a big thank you to all our supporters and volunteers who responded in such numbers during the early stages of our campaign.  The strength of feeling against this huge and totally inappropriate development was such that almost 300 objections were made to EHDC.  As well as from Four Marks, we also had conspicuously selfless support from surrounding villages such as Medstead and Ropley.  We are very grateful to you all.
If you sent in an objection you should have received a letter telling you about the site visit. It will be at approximately 11am on 1st August 2014.  Please come along and join us to show your objection to this development – see attached site visit letter.

We expect the David Wilson Homes planning application to come to the Planning Committee for a decision on the 7th August. It is VERY IMPORTANT that as many people as possible attend this public meeting so the committee understands the strength of local feeling against this application.  Come back to this website on the 2nd August for confirmation of the date.

The 300 objections can perhaps best be summarised under the heading of ‘Cumulative Effect’
Lots of objectors commented about the bigger picture.  There are two linked large developments in this end of the village – Meadowbrook (completed) and Brislands Lane (under construction).  If Barn Lane went ahead it would add yet another 136 houses to what risks becoming a soulless mini-town in its own right, a huge multi-development devoid of all necessary facilities.  
Where to start in summarising your comments?  
  • Barn Lane would add another dangerous junction (possibly the most dangerous) to the very busy A31.  
  • The new residents will likely commute to work some distance eastwards on the A31 as there is little local employment. They will drive to schools and shops as nothing is in walking distance. On our own very accurate measurements the development would be 1.76km walking distance (up a hill) from the village centre.
  • We can be certain that junction would be a very busy one; it would add to traffic passing Kingswood Rise, Goldcrest Way, Lapwing Way, Lymington Bottom, the village itself, Boyneswood Lane, and Telegraph Lane.    
  • Thames Water have commented on the absence of adequate sewage facilities.  
  • The development is obtrusive with 3 storey buildings squeezed into the northern part of the plot against the A31. The highly visible western rural edge, soft and green, of the village would be ruined forever.  
  • According to a local expert, precious and protected wildlife such as Dormice would face extinction.  
  • Highly productive land would be lost.  

As the leader of the Parish Council said at a recent meeting, Barn Lane is the least suitable and most distant of all the available sites, but one which can so easily be seen as, ‘Out of site (sic) out of mind’.  Those very wise comments from Bryan Timms were also echoed in the Four Marks Newsletter (March 2014/ Issue 505) ”

Thank you again for your support and we look forward to seeing you on the 1st August.
Barn Lane Action Group

2 thoughts on “IMPORTANT: Dates announced for site visit and Planning Committee meeting”

  1. I note that you have included suggested reasons for objection. The type, design and distribution of affordable dwellings should be added to this. Reading the reports from consultees, the application is at odds with the Council’s own emerging policy on every point. Best practice requires affordable homes to be designed ‘blind’, with units not clumped into one part of the development but ‘pepper-potted’ to facilitate community cohesion. This is an important omission and a responsible council would turn down this application for this reason alone. The social isolation of the site re-enforces the isolation of the affordable housing units and is absolutely contrary to good planning guidelines nationwide.

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