Lobby for Bill to amend the National Planning Policy Framework

Time to give communities a real say in the planning process!

On the 30th April 2014, Greg Mulholland MP introduced a bill, under the ten minute rule, for amendment of the NPPF (see his speech here). It is sponsored by MPs from all three major parties, and addresses a number of issues that affect us – in particular the presumption that “sustainable development ” means that developers can build at will in villages.

The Bill will now receive a second hearing on 6th June 2014. We believe that this Bill, which enjoys cross-party support, will address most of the issues that have angered and frustrated us all since the inception of the NPPF.

Please could we ask you to lobby your MP, Damien Hinds, and ask him to support this effort. If we are ever to put right the many injustices and stupidities of the current planning system, then getting this Bill through will be an excellent start.

You can email your MP (and other elected representatives) through this link. Just enter your post code and you should see Damien Hinds as your local MP.

Thank you