Lobby for Bill to amend the National Planning Policy Framework

Time to give communities a real say in the planning process!

On the 30th April 2014, Greg Mulholland MP introduced a bill, under the ten minute rule, for amendment of the NPPF (see his speech here). It is sponsored by MPs from all three major parties, and addresses a number of issues that affect us – in particular the presumption that “sustainable development ” means that developers can build at will in villages.

The Bill will now receive a second hearing on 6th June 2014. We believe that this Bill, which enjoys cross-party support, will address most of the issues that have angered and frustrated us all since the inception of the NPPF.

Please could we ask you to lobby your MP, Damien Hinds, and ask him to support this effort. If we are ever to put right the many injustices and stupidities of the current planning system, then getting this Bill through will be an excellent start.

You can email your MP (and other elected representatives) through this link. Just enter your post code and you should see Damien Hinds as your local MP.

Thank you

SHLAA sites: Public Consultation by EHDC

On 14th and 15th May 2014 EHDC are holding two Consultation events to gauge public opinion on the best SHLAA sites to develop. In other words, if Four Marks and South Medstead MUST accommodate more houses, where should they go?

We question the validity of this exercise. If EHDC want to really know the opinion of the village residents then they should hold a formal vote using the electoral register and not a meeting open to anybody from inside or outside the village.

The meetings are being held at:

  • Four Marks Village Hall 14th 5:30 – 8:00pm, and
  • Medstead Village Hall 15th 2:00—4:30pm

But, valid exercise or not, EHDC will use the results of this consultation in their planning process. Please attend one of these meetings and vote (using a sticker on a map!) The list of sites, as of 2013, is here but EHDC should have the up to date list at the meeting as more sites are being added all the time.

Please use your vote wisely. If you know the SHLAA map  you will understand that there is a geographical problem. Most of the SHLAA sites are small and central to or at the east end of the village. There are no sites at the western end except the huge Barn Lane FM014 site and the large FM006 nearby .

We would prefer these two sites did not figure at the top of preferences, or anywhere near the top! Unfortunately, to paraphrase Bryan Timms (Chair Parish Council), FM014 can be seen as an ‘out of sight out of mind’ solution but maybe not a good one for the village as a whole. His views were reported in the Village News.

Please help us to keep the western rural edge of the village as it is. Please persuade all your neighbours and local friends to support us – all their family including ALL children can attend and vote.

And once again, please use your vote wisely!

Contacting you in future – really important
Lastly, please send an email to andy@barnlaneactiongroup.org to register your support. We will then be able to contact you quickly by email. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose, and will be removed instantly from our records at your request. We will send individual emails, NO copies (cc). Your email address will NOT therefore be made available to others. Blind copies (bcc) will NOT be used because of Spam Filters

Many thanks again if you did object to the David Wilson Homes application in April, and please do find time to support us
again on May 14 / 15th. Achieving nearly 300 objections was excellent, but there is a long way to go yet to save Barn Lane.

Please  keep an eye on our website. We will update it with significant events (and send you an email if you have registered with us). Ask all your friends and neighbours in the vicinity to do likewise.

Many thanks

The Barn Lane Action Group